/The Greenlight project

The Greenlight project

An analysis on how indie video games are being released
Pessimistic Gamer
Guest Writer

While the majority of the gaming community is up in arms over what Activision is doing wrong on the new releases like “Call of Duty,” a small, but growing number of people are starting to discover the gaming community’s best kept secret: Indie Games.
Or more specifically, Steam Greenlight.
Steam Greenlight is a community based program where users of Steam, a client used for computer based gaming, can vote on what is added the Steam’s market place.
Popular games such as “Five Nights At Freddy’s,” “The Stanley Parable,” “McPixel,” and “continue?9876543210” are all results of the Greenlight project and have quite the following, but what does this mean?
It means that, even though indie games have been around for decades, the fans finally get to have a say directly in the gaming community.
Though games that have been released through this program really haven’t been my cup of tea, it’s interesting to see what fans really want.
I’m very surprised with the quality of games that’s been released and the amount of money that the games have made the creators. Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, commented on his games success, “As a game designer there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing people enjoy something you’ve made (and scaring the crap out of them of course.) It’s a simple pleasure in life when you can launch someone out of a chair and it’s all captured on YouTube.”
There have been negative comments about how many games have been pushed out but the majority of the fans have been pleased.
If anyone is interested in any game on Greenlight, just go to www.Steam.com and click on the banner that says Greenlight.