/Romanian Native among US

Romanian Native among US

She’s a doctor (of history) not a mathematician
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

History has molded our society, and in turn our lives. However, history may have impacted St. Clair County Community college adjunct instructor, Oana Suditu the most.
Suditu teaches History 101 and 102. She fostered her affinity for the past as early as the age of five, encouraged by the historical stories her father and grandfather told. At a very young age, she knew history would play a large role in her life.
Suditu completed her first Master’s degree in history at her “Iasi University” in Romania. Suditu moved from Iasi, Romania to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she attended Carnegie Mellon University and received her second Master’s in history.
The move brought educational challenges and personal joys. Suditu met her husband and SC4 philosophy professor, Jim Soto, at Carnegie Mellon. Soto was offered a teaching job at SC4 in Port Huron. When Soto took the job, Suditu applied to teach at the same college. “I jumped at the chance to teach,” said Suditu.
Teaching also brought its own challenges and joys. Suditu admits teaching is not a lucrative profession, but she would be heartbroken to leave it behind. Suditu enjoys the variety of people she’s encountered at SC4. “They keep you on your toes,” Suditu said while reflecting on approximately three years of teaching here. She has also learned a lot about American life, motivations and struggles. Suditu says, “I’ve become American learning from the students.”
Suditu’s American life includes four rescue dogs which take up a lot of her and her husband’s time she said. Additionally, gardening, biking and reading have a place in her day to day life.
Soto says, “She’s a great historian. She studies the soviet experience so we have all these Soviet history books around the house.” Suditu says she is constantly studying and bringing in new information. She attributes discipline and steadiness in her studying to her success in her education. “Study a little every day. Don’t let yourself go,” Suditu recommends. While Soto also holds a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon he always says, “She’s the smart one in the family.”
Suditu’s tactics are paying off. Student, Josiah Pankiewicz, 20, of Columbus Township says “I legitimately enjoyed that history class (HIS 101) and I’ve never enjoyed history before. “ Pankiewicz also enjoyed Suditu’s personality, “She’s no nonsense, but also very fair. I love her accent and how fierce of a woman she is.” Another student, Vaux Adams, 20, of Armada says, “She’s straightforward and doesn’t take anyone’s crap, but she’s also funny.”
Both students know Suditu rides her bike to school every day. “It’s very green, which is cool,” says Pankiewicz. Suditu says she will ride her bike to class until the ice gets too dangerous in the winter.
Despite the bitter cold winter, Oana still loves Port Huron. “I tend to make a home wherever I go. I’ve changed places a few times in my life and I tend to see the positive. I love Port Huron and I don’t want to live anywhere else… This city has such beautiful light. There’s a quality of the light here that is really spectacular. It’s fantastic living so near the lakes. It’s like you’re in a vacation resort town everyday of your life.”
Suditu has no plans to leave Port Huron any time soon, so if you’re interested in learning from this well-cultured, well-educated instructor visit the Wave. You can find class times, details and register for History 101 and 102 on the Wave.