/Proposition 1 raising taxes to fix the roads

Proposition 1 raising taxes to fix the roads

Is it worth it?
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

On May 5, the people of Michigan will vote on Proposition 1 which is an attempt by Governor Snyder to raise funding to fix the roads. According to 2014 data from the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council, only 17% of Michigan’s roads are in good shape, 45% are in fair condition, and 38% where considered to be in poor shape. Many Michigan residents will agree that the roads are always being rebuilt, or are full of potholes. Even memes on Facebook have popped up about this problem.
Prop 1 would raise the state fuel tax (currently nineteen cents for a gallon of gas, fifteen for a gallon of diesel) and be adjusted for inflation annually. No exact number has been given for the fuel tax increase so far. This would also cause vehicle registration to go up, and increase the state sales tax from 6% to 7%; however, the sales tax would be taken off the sale of fuel.
According to a Detroit Free Press article, “Roads 101”, this proposition will bring “a little more than $1.2 billion a year” to repair the roads.
Raye Gardner, a 27 year old junior of SC4 and Port Huron resident said, “I don’t think that it is worth it, or that it will make a difference. We already had taxes put on top of the fuel prices in the past, and we still pay them with every gallon we purchase, and it’s made us one of the top most taxed states in the way for fuel expenses. In the sense that we are being taxed so to fund road repair, it’s interesting to know that the state government had never fully designated that money to its purpose. Why fund more reasons for politicians to line their pockets?”
Matt Watson, 21 of East Pointe, stated his opinion by saying, “Personally, I suspect most of the funds will not go towards road development. It’s a way for the state to solve spending problems with a road tax on it. I think anything that says ‘tax increase’ has a higher chance of failing.” He added that “without a doubt” the roads are terrible. “It’s tempting to drive in the turning lanes because of how bad they are.”