/Free College Day brings crowds to SC4

Free College Day brings crowds to SC4

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Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

People of all ages and walks of life flooded SC4 for the 13th annual Free College Day on March 28. The school-wide event taught about 150 classes from their starting time of 8 a.m. to their ending time of 4:30 p.m. including modeling, cooking, accounting, clay working, and even meditation. Paul Mitchell students also provided free manicures in the Student Center.
The classes were spread out between the Fine Arts Building, North Building, and Main Building.
Agnes Malberry, 82 and a retiree of Port Huron, with a smile, said “I sure like this Free Day they’re having. I got to practice my sewing technique, and then learned how to better balance my checkbook. They never let us have this much fun in the home!”
Not everyone was as excited as Malberry, as many spots in classes were filled early due to early registration.
Deshawn Linckon, 35 of Fort Gratiot, found some frustration over not registering early saying, “Man! I didn’t even know they had pre-sign ups. I’m stuck with slim pickings. But shit, it’s free. Can’t argue with that.”
Dan Sterling, 28 of Marysville and a sophomore studying Business at SC4, enjoyed Free College day commenting, “Free College is one the better idea the higher-ups have had. It helps to expose new people to the college of all ages and all up bringings. From a business stand-point, it makes sense. I think all they were missing was a Mixology class.”
Even the cold weather didn’t deter people from attending Free College Day. Michelle Gretrech, 41 of Tampa, Florida, explained how her niece, Sherly Gretrech who attends SC4, told her to sign up while she was up here for a family event. “Even though I had to bundle up in three layers and walk in the ice cold wind, I still had fun. I don’t see this very often in Florida, and I’m glad my niece picked such a nice college to attend.”