/Christianity, Luciferism, Polytheism

Christianity, Luciferism, Polytheism

Facts and opinions of these three religious ideas
Tyler Smith
Sports Editor

DISCLAIMER: this opinion piece consists of data and facts researched as well experiences over a 10 year span of my life. The content of this piece is not the collected opinions of the Erie Square Gazette. These are my own opinions formed over a period of maturing from my young inquiring years to my present mature self.

We all see God in a different way; some see him as loving, merciful, and caring. These are the views of many Christians I have encountered in my life. Others believe in multiple gods who are seen as sub humans or new ideas of religion that are out there. And many of us let this get in the way of trying to know somebody.
Many Christians are selfless people who will do anything to help a person. Christianity is such a peaceful religion following the teachings of Jesus Christ and his father where you treat others with respect and love because they are just other people living life the same as you. I admire Christians for they are such a persistent people and can overcome anything.
Although, some Christians give Christianity a bad reputation, such as the Westboro Baptist Church, who protested soldiers funerals and burned holy text of other religions such as the Islamic Quran. Christians like these are the ones that cause childish fits and attack other religions as well their own Christian brothers and sisters. All in all, the Christian faith has come a long way since its birth spreading love, caring, and peace to this world.
Another religious idea that is not as old as Christianity and Paganism but has been around for a while is Luciferism. Luciferism does not really follow a certain person really, but it emphasizes on the story of the angel Lucifer and his skirmish with god.
In Luciferism, it is believe that Lucifer, not God, created the universe, the earth, and mankind. Like every creator he loved his creations and took care of them. God did not tamper with any of Lucifer’s creations except for humanity. In the story, God creates the tree of knowledge and forbids Lucifer’s humanity creations to eat the fruit and bans Lucifer from entering the Garden of Eden. And everyone knows the rest, but really the belief of this idea is that mankind should become knowledgeable, not blindly follow others.
To me though, the idea plays on the grounds of morality and the role of good and bad, making the little of the good and innocent things and not fully enveloping them to what they lead to. Morality is a huge thing in our society since the dawn of time, to play with such a thing as that is some sketchy thinking. Though we have new ideas coming up some old ideas are re-emerging in our time.
Polytheism or the belief of multiple gods is coming back a little bit. If you missed the clues I left you its ok but I’m a Polytheist. I believe in the Norse gods Odin, Thor, Baldr, Tyr, Loki, etc. I’m not going to list all my gods because there is a lot and that would be rude of me. With Polytheism most of the multiple god religions sets our focused on our ancestors and are not earth based.
With Asatru Paganism, which is my specific religion, we believe we are literal descendants of the gods. Worship of the gods has changed since the Christian crossover, sacrifices of nine animals of every kind including humans were seen as to satisfy the gods. With a Christian morality the human sacrifices stop. Polytheists are a very honorable, respectful people; the belief of treating others was very similar to Christianity.
With many different beliefs out there, it is better to respect what they believe in with the three religious ideas from the old, modern, and new ideas. People are people, and some are complete jerks and think that religion is something to boost their ego and believe they are above everyone else, but we can change that by showing a little love no matter what we believe in.