Tyler Smith
Sport Editor

This year’s sports season had its ups and downs. With the Woman’s Basketball team making it to the semi-finals, Men’s Basketball team stuck in a rut the entire season. While the softball team rises though the standings and the baseball team has proven to be consistent, showing all teams are resilient in improving the line.
With the softball team ranked third in the eastern conference standings with ten wins and two loses behind Oakland and Macomb. The soft ball team and maybe the baseball team have a shot at going to the finals and taking home the trophy but the competition is menacing. I have no doubt they will put everything they have in until the end.
With every team there are setbacks and advances. This does not define a team by its victories nor loses but by the way they work together. Each team has their own charisma, work ethic and style of execution.
As my first and final semester as Sports Editor, I have enjoyed following their rankings and watching the teams play.