/Year round schooling

Year round schooling

Should schools be year round?
Audrey Miller
Guest Writer

Year round school is a topic sweeping across the nation. Some argue over whether this would be a good idea or not for the education of America’s youth.
Here are some of the bright sides to year round school.
After the long summer, kids in the original school calendar forget much of the work and things they’ve learned. If this happens they could have trouble learning new skills involving the things they’ve already learned but have forgotten. In a year round school system, short breaks would make it easier to remember the skills they’ve learned and might need for future experiences.
Another reason for the year round school program possibly being a good idea for schools is the teachers being able to be up to date with the activities and work they’re doing. With the school system in place now, many of the teachers get buried with work to do and often spend weekends grading student’s papers that they couldn’t get to during the school week. Plus there would be no end of the year cleanout and would provide year round work for lunch ladies and janitors.
Now after hearing the pros of year round school, let’s hear some of the cons to it.
Even though year round school has many advantages it could not be exactly perfect for all students. It could get in the way of students extra activities, holidays, or vacations causing a lot of make-up work, that if the student doesn’t do could lower their grades. Grades are very important they’re what get us to the places we want to be and a student’s future depends on them.
Another reason that year round school could be a problem is for going to school for three weeks straight could put a lot of stress on a student, lowering their work performance. Year round school is different from normal school in many ways but there is no significant difference in the IQ of students who go to the original school, and the new year round calendar.
Students in the year round schools could also become more anxious to go outside instead of learning because of no long term breaks like summer. With them focusing less on school once again, grades could drop.
Money for year round schools would cost much more too. It would cost a lot more to keep the schools running year round for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. They would have to keep the schools cooled and warmed over the short breaks too.
Another problem would be for teens especially. Teens who earn their own money would have a huge problem with this with no summer break, they couldn’t get any jobs. Without jobs they couldn’t earn any money for the things they need like clothes, textbooks if needed, and for high school students, gas for their cars. Teens without jobs might have a harder time getting hired as adults with no experience on their resumes.
Well now after hearing the bright side and the not so good sides of year round school, you can decide for yourself. What would be the right thing for the education of American students? What will you choose?