/What are SC4 students’ plans for spring break?

What are SC4 students’ plans for spring break?

Springing forward for a look at spring break
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

As the winter 2015 semester drags on, there is one thing on every student’s mind – spring break. In just a couple weeks, beginning on Friday, April 3 and ending Sunday, April 12, students will have an entire week off without classes. But what are students going to do with their time off?
Out of a survey of 19 students, 32% stated that they would be busy working over their spring break. Sophomore Christine Gwisdala, 19, said, “I’m working at my internship Monday through Thursday.” Gwisdala interns at ebw.tv, an online local news station.
Though the majority of the surveyed students, 63%, stated that they were not going anywhere for spring break, some students plan on travelling over the week. One of these students is sophomore Riley Niver, 19.
Niver said, “I’m going to CMU to visit my boyfriend for the week. I’m excited since I don’t get to see him a lot. We’re just going to binge watch Netflix and cook stuff.”
Jess Grey, 22, also plans on travelling during the break. “I plan on travelling to South Carolina to visit my grandmother,” Grey said.
A lot of students will be stuck at home this spring break, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be having fun. Sarah Zimmer, 21, sophomore, said that she plans on hanging out with her friends at one of the local beaches.
With or without plans, the consensus from the students is universal: everyone can’t wait for spring break.