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Think outside the box

IMG_2059Beat boxing Violinist Rodney Page performs at SC4

Mel Buskirk

Copy Editor

The performer of the latest installment of SC4’s Noon & Night Concert series captured the audience with a spectrum of musical talents. Rodney Lamar Page entertained students, children, and the elderly alike with his wide range of skills from classical violin, to freestyle rap, to beat boxing.

Page grew up in a suburb of Detroit. His mother encouraged him to pick up a violin at the age of ten, and his journey into his love of music and his musical talent began. In his spare time, he also learned how to play the piano. His skills aren’t limited to classically trained instruments.

In order to help him get through college, Page learned how to DJ at local clubs. Through the encouragement of his friends, he mixed his violin music and his disc jockey-ing to create a one of a kind sound. Always keeping an open mind, Page learned how to freestyle rap and beat box for similar reasons.

Page keeps an open mind about music and life. He wishes to spread that attitude to his audience. Instead of wearing a tuxedo to the Noon & Night performance, his attire consisted of what someone would wear day to day. Throughout the show, Page encouraged his audience to “think outside the box” and challenge the norm. Page’s mission is to educate and encourage children to open up and learn to play musical instruments.

Page visits many schools to demonstrate his message. He also performs at weddings and other events.

For more information about Page or to book him for a performance at your school or other events, go to his website www.full-engagement-experience.com.IMG_2078IMG_1997