//The secret to dominating fantasy baseball

The secret to dominating fantasy baseball

Do YOU want to win?
Nathan Eccles
Guest Writer

Will 2015 be the year you will dominate your baseball fantasy league? I’ve analyzed many baseball players in my life and I’ve played for as long as I can remember, so if you listen to me, I will carry you to the top and provide you with bragging rights to kick off the next season.
In this article, I will provide tips on what you should look for in each position in order to get the best players. First, before I head into tips for each position, I must tell you, defense doesn’t win championships, hitters do.
“Defense doesn’t matter… Explicitly”- Mike Harmon.
In fantasy baseball, defense doesn’t produce points. In terms of infielders, there are Power Hitters and Leadoff Types who will affect your points and standings in your league.
The Power Hitters are Third Base, First Base, and Catcher. When drafting a player from this position, you need someone who can produce Extra-Base Hits (A hit longer than a single), OPS (On-base percentage plus Slugging percentage), and they need to be able to hit with runners in scoring position (second base and third base). Why? This position has a shortage of speed and it offers the best power. These stats are the perfect representation of power because Extra-Base hits show how hard a player can drive a ball, OPS is how many times the batter changes a game, and hitting with runners in scoring position, tallies more runs, and gives more chances to get RBI’s (Runs batted in). If all of these positions can provide this level of offense consistently, you will win consistently.
I suggest drafting Yan Gomes, 27, from the Cleveland Indians. Why? The catcher Yan Gomes drives the ball, has posted a .800 OPS the past two seasons (That’s great), and has almost hit three hundred with runners in scoring position. “A quiet confidence, a guy who’s got strength in his game, whether that’s arm strength, strength in the bat,” Farrell said. Yan Gomes is the power hitter you’re looking for that can also serve as a later-round pick that could help accumulate much-needed points throughout the season.
The positions where you need leadoff types are at second base and shortstop. Do not look for power, where power is lacking. These leadoff types need to score runs. Runs are extremely essential to win ball games. Can you win a game scoring zero runs? A player will score more runs than the amount of bases he stole and both have similar point values. Also, don’t generate outs on the base paths. A high stolen base percentage is needed. The perfect leadoff player is someone who will score at will and steal bases with ease, providing the most points possible.
Danny Santana, 24, from the Minnesota Twins is a player that should be on your draft list. Why? John Sickles said, “He’s 23, a good athlete, a switch hitter, and versatile” Santana tallied 70 runs in only 400 at bats, he stole 20 bags, and hit .319. At this young age, Santana will only get better, and when hitting .300 in your rookie season and already adjusting to MLB pitchers, you know he is ready to contribute to your fantasy baseball team.
Left field, center field, and right field are different than the infielders. You cannot assign all of these to one category. Each position in the outfield serves a different purpose. Right field consists of upper-body players with light-tower power. Grab power when it’s available. When drafting a player in this position, you should get another power hitter to generate runs. One swing can change an entire game. Center fielders are classified as leadoff types. The center fielder should hit at the top of the order and get on base. This creates opportunities for the stolen base and the chance that he could get driven in on a single. Left field is unique because it’s a mix of both. He needs to produce runs and score runs. If your outfield is shaped like this, you will be able to score points whenever possible.
I suggest drafting Marcell Ozuna, 24, from the Miami Marlins. Marcell Ozuna last season put up outstanding numbers in almost every category. “Namely, he’s walking more, striking out less, and hitting for power,” said Jack Weiland. He knocked 80+ RBIs creating opportunities for runs and he scored himself seventy runs. His Extra-Base hit total was fifty and he has a stolen base success rate of 75%. Marcell Ozuna can be the reliable left-fielder your team needs.
When drafting the man on the mound, keep this in mind. Pitchers do not garner nearly as many points as hitters. Why? A hitter’s at-bat totals usually exceed a pitcher’s amount of innings by three times the size. Get pitchers late. You’ll win by far if you have a decent pitching staff and a loaded lineup. This doesn’t mean that you should randomly select pitchers for last. There are many areas where a pitcher can accumulate points. When looking at strikeouts, find a flame baller, and when looking at wins, find a workhorse. There are many ways to win a ballgame with a certain type of pitcher, but the key is to have a balanced staff so you’ll win in every area. When drafting a pitcher, choose late, and create a pitching rotation that can win ballgames in any way.
I suggest drafting Alex Cobb from the Tampa Bay Rays. Alex Cobb, 27, is an unnoticed pitcher who can impact a game in every area. He’ll keep his E.R.A. (Earned Run Average) low, he can eat a few innings, and he isn’t even at his peak. According to Ben Reiter, “Cobb, is young, talented and cheap.” So by drafting Alex Cobb, you bought yourself a medium-risk high reward pitcher, who will gather points in bunches.
By following this strategy, I guarantee you will win every single time.