//So Very Close, But No Cigar

So Very Close, But No Cigar

Sc4 Lady Skippers knock out in the final round
Tyler Smith
Sports Editor

St. Clair County Community College Women’s Basketball team dominates land, sea, and air but fails to secure the final victory. In the race to claim the District H Tournament Championship the Lady Skippers destroyed two of the opposing teams but one.
On March 3 the sailing Skippers faced off against the flying Henry Ford Hawks once again for the Quarter-finals. With repeating a speedy and overwhelming offensive taking the Hawks out of the sky once again scoring 92 to 46.
“I watch the SC4 Skippers more than the Pistons because I know they won’t let me down” said John Dove, 50, from Yale.
Taking down their opponent in the sky, the ladies moved to the next bracket versing the Oakland County Community Raiders at Delta College for the semi-finals on March 5.
“The girls were excellent Thursday, they had the speed and the drive in running the Raiders in to the ground” said Mark Langley, 23, from Port Huron. Running them in the ground, the Ladies did in a sweeping win 81 to 56, a twenty-one point difference from their quarter-final game.
Now, with the golden ticket in hand, the Lady Skippers went on their way to the finals versing the Livonia College Schoolcraft Ocelots in a battle to see who will go on to the national tournament. Unfortunately, the Skippers offensive push stalled here.
“The girls played a close game but they weren’t the hard hitting players they usually were,” said Jane Wiknade, 19, from Kimball. Losing to the Ocelots by ten points, 58-68, the Skippers lost their ticket to nationals but they fought and pursed their goal to win.
This team is phenomenal on the court with strong defensive having overall rebounds percentages around 5 to 7 percent such as Briann Alspaugh with a 7.5% average (195), Breomi Jackson with a 6.3% average (183), and Jasmine Parker with a 5% average (136). The Skippers also have a hard hitting offensive players putting points on the board, like Leah Humes with an overall 163 points score and 362 attempts, followed by Madison Valko with 129 scored and 300 attempts.
“Yes they didn’t go all the way this year, but they have a dominate year and I love it that there is something we can expect and root on every single year from SC4, which is the Women’s basketball team,” stated James Woolman, 26 from Port Huron.