/SC4 players brings stalking to the spotlight

SC4 players brings stalking to the spotlight

Performance of the play “Boy Gets Girl”
Jenelle Kalaf
Photo Editor
Who’s to say that your blind date from last week, the one that you weren’t into, won’t turn on you? You just met them and you already gave them your cell phone number and a Facebook invite.
How can you know they already want to control you?
On March 19-22, SC4 players acted out just this situation in the stage production, “Boy Gets Girl,” and it very well could be anyone’s story.
The story follows Thersea Bedell, a reporter for The World played by Leah Gray. She goes on a blind date with Tony, played by Marcus Taylor.
When the date doesn’t go the way Thersea imagines it, she breaks it off with Tony, but he won’t let go.
His “romantic pursuing” turns quickly into stalking and death threats.
In the end, she can’t take the fear and changes her name, moves to another town and leaves her old life behind.
The subject and the acting were all executed perfectly. The play also dealt with subjects such as the act of “thanking women for sex,” the victim feeling as if it was all their fault and stereotypes on both men and women.
“I think it’s one of those responsibilities of art, and theatre in particular, to reflect the realities of society, both positive and negative,” Tom Kephart, the play’s director, said.
“It’s important for us to understand how this subject affects everyone,” Ashley Hall, the assistant director, said.
Hall also said how interesting it was that the audience found some of these rude comments said in the beginning funny until they realized how terrible the situation really was.
The audience left with the feeling of uneasiness, leaving one question in mind:
What’s stopping this from happening to me?
Interested in being part of the next production? Auditions for The Fantasticks will be held on March 30 and 31, from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m in the Fine Arts building in room 26. Call backs will be on April 1, if needed.
Auditions are open to all SC4 credit and non-credit students, all alumnus, SC4 staff and faculty, and community members. Please call Tom Kephart at (810) 989-5721 for any questions.