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Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge
An organization to help fight against bullying
Isabella Harrison
Guest Writer

On Tuesday Feb. 10, an assembly titled, “Rachel’s Challenge” took place at Fort Gratiot Middle School. This assembly told stories about not only the tragedy that happened but the story of a young girl, Rachel, and her stories about spreading kindness.
Rachel Joy Scott was the first victim of the Columbine High School shooting that took place on April 20, 1999. Sadly, the two students that started the shooting took her life along with 12 others.
But Rachel’s legacy lived on.
When Rachel’s dad was moving all of her belongings out of her room, he found a crumpled up piece of paper. The paper was for her English class and was all about spreading kindness to others. Also in her paper, Rachel included 5 challenges that she challenged the reader to do.
The 5 challenges are dream big and believe in yourself, be kind to others, practice positive gossip, show appreciation to those you love, and be the answer.
Rachel also wanted the reader to start a chain reaction, once you start doing Rachel’s challenges, try to get others to join you.
Rachel was always spreading kindness to others in her school and always had good ways to look at life.
A few days after Rachel’s funeral, Rachel’s parents got a call from a man they didn’t know saying that he was very sorry about what happened to their daughter. He also told them about a dream he had. Her parents didn’t think much about what the man that called had said, until they got another call from the police saying they could come pick up Rachel’s backpack. After her dad got Rachel’s backpack, he looked at the last thing she had written in her journal. He was shocked to see what was on the page. It was a drawing of Rachel’s eyes crying onto a rose, the same way the man had described his dream. When he looked closer, he counted 13 tears, which is how many people were killed in the shooting at her school.
There are so many great stories from the “Rachel’s Challenge” assembly, including her ideas on starting a chain reaction about being kind to everyone. Rachel wanted to touch the hearts of millions of people, and she did.
Her essay for her English class and her inspiring quotes are continuing to inspire people all over the world to treat people with kindness.