//Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge

An organization put together to help put bullying to an end
Evie Clause
Guest Writer

Rachel’s Challenge, a group put together based on a sad tragedy to try and put an end to bullying, visited Port Huron Schools on Tuesday, Feb. 10 to try and prevent bullying in not only schools, but everywhere in the community.
They started this after the horrible massacre happened at Columbine High School in Colorado on April 20, 1999, where 12 students and 1 teacher were murdered, and 21 others were injured by two students who had entered the school during the day planning to hurt many.
Rachel always knew she was going to make an impact and change the world. Fort Gratiot Middle School student Lauren Poosch, 13, from Port Huron said, “It was a very inspirational and touching speech. It makes you think about how your actions could affect one another. I really enjoyed this assembly.” Rachel accomplished her dream and is still helping others around the world today.
Rachel had many dreams about how to spread kindness to others and how to make the world a better place for everyone.
After the tragic event, one day her dad was looking through her stuff and happened to find an old crumbled up English paper that was never turned in behind her bed. He opened it up, and the paper was all about how to spread happiness and how to be kind.
It also included five goals that we could try to accomplish. Those goals were, “dream big and believe in yourself, be kind to others, practice positive gossip, show appreciation to those you love, and be the answer.”
Rachel also wanted the reader to start a chain reaction, once you start doing Rachel’s challenges, try to get others to join you.
Rachel wanted others to be inspired, touched, and helped by her and her message. She had drawn a hand on the back of her dresser when she was younger and inside she wrote “These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people’s hearts.” She has made a large impact on the lives of many.
Rachel was always such a happy person that had big dreams. She knew she would make them come true. Rachel was a strong person and she stood up for not only herself but others. She would sacrifice herself for another person.
A few days after Rachel’s funeral, Rachel’s dad got a strange call from a man he didn’t know that said he was having a reoccurring dream about his daughter and it was very odd, but Rachel’s father never really thought twice about it until he picked up his daughter’s backpack from the police station. Rachel’s dad went through her bag, only to find a drawing in the back of a notebook that had 13 teardrops coming from a pair of eyes in the sky. This picture described the man’s dream. The 13 drops represent the number of lives that were taken by two former students at that horrifying event. Near the bottom of the drawing was a rose growing, as if the tears were creating new life and helping someone or something.
Rachel was a very inspirational girl that has helped many by spreading kindness and love to all. She wanted to start a chain reaction, a reaction of compassion, love, and hope to help others.