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Rachel’s chain

rachel scott
Rachel’s Scott’s hands touch the hearts of students at Fort Gratiot Middle School
Paige Cronce and Amber Sharrow
Guest Writers

On Tuesday, February 10, Colleen Kirk came to fort Gratiot Middle School to share with students about a young woman named Rachel Scott; a girl whose heart was as big as her dreams for the world. She wanted to affect the lives of many people, but she had a feeling that she would die at a young age, and she did.
On April 20, 1999, Rachel and 12 others were killed in the columbine high school shooting Denver Colorado. Their families were absolutely devastated. Many students feel that it was a great assembly that made many kids realize how important it is to treat others with kindness.
Paige Cronce, 12, from Port Huron, is one of the students that have recently been chosen to be in the F.O.R club, which stands for “Friends of Rachel.”
“I think the F.O.R club is a great program,” said Cronce, “we are just starting up, but we plan to change our school for the better.” The F.O.R. club at Fort Gratiot Middle School has been doing things to make others smile, like putting notes on their lockers.
“Ever since the assembly, people have been acting nicer and trying to make a difference,” said Fort Gratiot Middle School student Amber Sharrow. And she’s not the only one that thinks so; many students have seen a change in the attitudes of their peers.
“After the Rachel’s challenge presentation, I have seen more people go out of their way to help others, and [they are] trying to be more like Rachel,” says Payton Wiley, another student from Fort Gratiot Middle School. Also many people were inspired to follow their dreams.
During the assembly, the students learned about how Rachel wanted to make a difference in the world. As a result, people have been coming up with ways to do the same. If only everyone could hear the life-changing story of Rachel Joy Scott, this world would be so full of love. So, as Rachel advised, let’s start a chain reaction of kindness to make the world a better place.