/Paid to be a player

Paid to be a player

Should college athletes be paid?
Kaden Guizar
Guest Writer

There two different sides to “Should college athletes be paid” should they or should they not? I’m here to speak for both sides.
There are many reasons they should be paid, most college athletes spend all or most of their time practicing for games. The Richest states that “College football players spend up to 44 hours a week perfecting their craft. The average American only works 40 hours a week.”
So if they spend more time on sports than people do working, they deserve to be paid. Plus that barely leaves the athlete’s time for homework and studying for big tests and exams. Sports like basketball and football bring in millions of dollars making the school money so it is only fair that they get a small portion of the money. In sports like basketball and football, it takes up so much of your valuable time that you don’t have time for a job to buy essentials like food.
On the other hand, not all college sports rakes in the big bucks such as baseball or golf, there isn’t enough money generated to pay the players money. Also, college athletes already do get a lot. They have fame because they are the stars on the field. They also have lots of friends because people want to be friends with stars. Some athletes even get a full ride scholarship which is a lot of money. But that still doesn’t pay for food.
In sports like basketball and football, also, there would be arguments on how much they should be paid. Some parents of the student otherwise known as the athletes may think that the amount of payments is unfair so they would complain. So in their opinion it would be better for no one to get paid because it would be easy and fair. Then again, it is just school and it is all just a game; a big expensive game that makes millions for the school.
So, in conclusion, there are two different sides to “should college athletes be paid” and both sides have very valid reasoning. So the choice is yours, should college athletes be paid?