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Microsoft Makeover

Project Spartan brings Internet Explorer to a close
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

A leader in technology since their debut in 1975, Microsoft is trying to uphold their reputation by fixing their weakest link. Microsoft is discontinuing their 19 year old browser, Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer (IE) has been reviewed as slow and prone to freezing and viruses. One Microsoft video ad pokes fun at all the negative reviews it has received even calling Internet Explorer, “only good for downloading other browsers.” By the end of the video Microsoft dubs IE “The browser you love to hate.” But in the same ad they also promise a comeback.
The comeback began on March 16. Microsoft’s marketing chief, Chris Caposella, announced the change from Internet Explorer to codenamed Project Spartan at Microsoft Convergence. According to Microsoft’s website, Microsoft Convergence is, “That one moment in time when the Microsoft business community members come together to share “Aha!” moments. It’s their chance to network with other users, see things for the first time, learn about the latest features and updates, get answers to tough questions from Microsoft product experts, and find new ways to stay ahead of their competition.”
Project Spartan is still in production and has no official name yet. Caposella demonstrated the browser at Convergence. Caposella says Project Spartan will be reliable because it is coded the way the web is written today.
New Features include the ability to annotate directly on web pages and a new reading mode. Additionally, Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, will claim a larger role in the new browser. Familiar to Windows 8 users will be the Metro styled look of Project Spartan.
Project Spartan will be completely revealed when Microsoft 10, the newest operating system, is released. Microsoft 10 currently has no official release date, but is estimated to come out this summer.
While Project Spartan is meant to replace Internet Explorer, Microsoft is choosing to keep the latest version of IE in Windows 10 to give all clients time to switch to the new browser.
Those involved in Computer Information Systems here at SC4 are definitely not clients of Internet Explorer. CIS majors Toby Matthews and Josie Trupiano were excited to hear Internet Explorer would be discontinued. Matthews said “One of the first things we learn in class is to download all the other browsers.” Hopefully with the introduction of Project Spartan CIS majors will use it for something other than just downloading other companies’ browsers.
Microsoft will need to employ some strong persuasion to garner respect for their new browser. IE’s reputation has caused those with computer knowledge such as Matthews and Trupiano to regard the browser as a joke. Matthews says, “The only people who use Internet Explorer are people who don’t know anything about browsers.”