/Jordan Royal Circus Performs at McMorran

Jordan Royal Circus Performs at McMorran

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Death defying tricks delight audiences
D.J. Palm
Staff Writer
Glow sticks and cotton candy filled the hands of parents and children as the Jordan World Circus was in Port Huron entertaining guests at McMorran Place Arena this past Monday.
The first act of the night was nothing short of a bravery show as a man only identified as “Bruno” would be by himself in an octagon cage surrounded by 7 tigers sitting patiently on their stools, waiting for direction to execute their tricks.
The following act was the always entertaining spinning wheel. A contraption with two circular openings on each end of a steel beam for the entertainers to perform their tricks either on the inside or on the outside of the opening as it swings like a 360 degree pendulum. A daring sight to see was when one of the entertainers put on a blindfold and was able to keep his balance as he would reach higher than the McMorran scoreboard running on the outside frame of the wheel.
Even though most of the segments went without errors, the only mishap of the night would belong to Spiderman. The web slinger was hoisted to the ceiling of the arena wrapped in bungee cords. A twirling fall from the rafters swung him right into a light stand where the sound of crashing glass along with audience reaction, echoed off the green brick wall of McMorran. No worries kids. Spiderman was not phased. He would go onto finish his act and was not injured.
At intermission, children would be allowed on the circus floor where they could participate in riding ponies, get their faces painted getting their picture taken with a snake around their shoulders, and of course, elephant rides.
Courtney Foster, a 17 year old student at Landmark Academy, attended the event for the 2nd straight year. “I loved the acrobats.” Foster said. “The one girl hung from the bar by her mouth spinning so fast I cringed.”
Molly Lerma, a 5th grade student at Roosevelt Elementary, would differ from Foster’s point of view in saying, “I liked the dirt bike riders in the big metal cage, at the end when one of the riders was a girl that was surprising.”