/“In-tents” St. Paddy’s celebration

“In-tents” St. Paddy’s celebration

Beer tent in front of McMorran Place
D.J. Palm
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Protection from the wind, ice cold beer, live music and space heaters made for a very comfortable setting as McMorran Place held their annual beer tent for Pub Crawl 2015.
Downtown Port HuronurHurionhh streets were filled with the color of green on the clothing and accessories of patrons who walked and “crawled” on the 18 pub stop event.
McMorran Place provided the tent on the east side of the building where the next to the fountain. On a 31 degree day, the McMorran was kind of enough to provide space heaters for people who wanted to stay inside the beer tent and drink.
Not everyone was able to keep warm as bartenders serving beer were finding that to be a bit of a challenge. “We’ve always had the beer tent ‘inside’ we’ve never done the Pub Crawl tent outside,” said Grace Gabler, a McMorran Bar tender helping serve guests at the tent. “Keeping your fingers warm is difficult. Grabbing the beer in the ice after a while your fingers start to go numb, you can wear gloves but they do you no good obviously.”
One of the bands performing at the Pub Crawl tent was the Decamp sisters from Port Huron, Libby and Riley as they were accompanied by the Schreiber brothers Adam and Brandon, also of Port Huron.
McMorran had live music playing in the tent from 12-7 p.m. the day of Pub Crawl. Dave Peters of the band “Mountain Babies” was partly responsible for helping the DeCamp sisters get their gig at the tent.
The sisters said they have fun playing anytime they get the opportunity to perform and are grateful for every chance play in front of an audience.
The beer tent downtown closed at 7p.m. but that didn’t mean the party was over as many downtown businesses (mainly bars) stayed open until the 2a.m. closing time, giving people that much more drinking time after the tent folded up.