/Elementary school students grow up onstage

Elementary school students grow up onstage

T.E.D.Y. presents The Edge of The Nest
Kiera Snyder
Guest Writer

TheEdgeOfTheNest“The Edge of the Nest” is a production shown a few weeks ago by T.E.D.Y. (Thomas Edison Drama Youth), and is a unique story of growing up.
T.E.D.Y. has lasted for 7 years; each year putting on a different production directed by Renee Barr and is acted by grades 3-5. As many of us know, growing up has many challenges such as the first day of school, meeting a new babysitter, driving, and getting a job.
“The Edge of the Nest” tells stories about all these exciting events with countless laughs and numerous characters.
Brianna Snyder, an actor in “The Edge of the Nest” and a fifth grader from Port Huron, had some thoughts on the acting experience.
“I played Willimina Hinkle, who is the president of the International Association of Babysitting, and I played Cindy, who was in drivers training,” Snyder said.
“I think it was an exciting experience, especially when you would stand onstage or offstage waiting for your turn to go on stage.”
The next T.E.D.Y. production will be next year in or around February of 2016. Be on the watch for advertisements and information about Thomas Edison Drama Youth.