/Don’t be a jerk

Don’t be a jerk

A quick blurb about being nice
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

Everyone has those days where nothing seems to go right. You lost your wallet. Your car won’t start. You completely spaced about that presentation that you had to give in front of fifty-something people today. Or maybe, you might have some bigger problems to deal with. Your family member goes missing. Your relationship with your significant other is crumbling. Your federal aid is getting cut so you can’t afford college next year. Sometimes, life really sucks.
In this world, our friends are on a screen and we broadcast our problems onto a virtual wall for the world to see. We have hundreds of followers and friends. Everyone seems connected, yet we have grown so far apart from each other. Our culture has evolved into a narcissistic machine, where everything is about “me.” Sometimes it’s hard to remember that, despite all of your problems, each and every individual around you has their own. We are all the protagonists to our own stories. Every extra in every scene of your life have their own movies that they star in.
It is impossible to understand what is going on in everyone else’s lives, even with Facebook and Twitter. We couldn’t possibly know or understand the struggle of each person we walk by the street. We don’t know if they are having one of those days where nothing goes right. So why be a jerk to someone you don’t even know?
I’m not saying that you have to go out of your way to help every passerby that you encounter solve their life’s problems. I’m saying just be a little more considerate of others. Hold open the door for an extra second for the guy trailing behind you. Let that pedestrian cross in front of your car. Give that poor man on the corner the change in your pocket. The smallest action can lead to a huge positive impact in someone else’s life.
You might ask, “So what? How does this benefit me?” Truth is it might not directly help you. It would, however, help someone else out when they’re having a bad day. Wouldn’t you like to be helped the same way if you were in their situation?