//Do you accept the challenge?

Do you accept the challenge?

Middle school students learn about Rachel’s Challenge
Karlee McNutt and Amelia Suiter
Guest Writers

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, an assembly was held at Fort Gratiot Middle School for all students and staff who attend FGMS. Colleen Kirk, guest speaker, came to talk about Rachel’s Challenge and to inform the students about kindness and Rachel’s dream.
Rachel was a normal teenage girl who attended Columbine High School. She loved to help people who were being bullied or didn’t have many friends at her school. But she knew she was going to die young.
April 20, 1999, the worst school shooting occurred in U.S history. Rachel was the first to die, along with 12 other students and teachers. Rachel’s parents were devastated.
Rachel believed in compassion and kindness. She had a theory; a theory that she could start a chain reaction of kindness, that she could change the world.
Rachel challenged the world to do five things that would start a chain reaction: look for the best in others, dream big, choose positive influences, speak with kindness, and start your own chain reaction.
Most students at FGMS thought that the assembly would help them start a chain reaction of kindness. Even if it’s as simple as smiling to someone you don’t know. Simple act of kindness could turn a bad day into a good day.
“I think Rachel’s Challenge was very inspiring. I think that it will help me start a chain reaction of my own. Although it was helpful, it was sad to learn about Rachel and how she died,” said Jessica Remick, 12, of Fort Gratiot.
Another student at FGMS, Andrew Raymo, 11, of Fort Gratiot, said, “There was a great message behind Rachel’s Challenge and it will help me start a chain reaction of my own to help the world become a better place.”
Most students at FGMS thought that the presentation helped them become a better person and care for the world and its people in a better way.
The halls of Fort Gratiot Middle School have become a kinder environment for students and staff because of Rachel’s Challenge and we hope everybody around the world will make an effort to do the same.