//College athletes get zero

College athletes get zero


Sports rake in money for colleges
Luke O’Hare
Guest Writer

The question of should college athletes be paid has come up once more and in my opinion it is a for sure yes.
College athletes should be paid because of the time and effort they put in. Most of the athlete’s time is spent on their sport, so they don’t have enough time to get a job to earn money. If they don’t go pro, then they won’t have enough money to afford a house or to stay in school, so they should be getting paid to play.
With the many reasons that college athletes should be paid, there are some reasons that they should not. Many times the athletes have scholarships, so they stay and eat at the college for free which, in some cases would be a reason for them not to get paid to play. Although they stay, eat, and learn for free, the athletes should still be paid because if they don’t make it to the pros, they would be poor, homeless, and most likely jobless.
Some of these athletes don’t even get scholarships, so they must pay for everything they do. This adds to the reason that these college athletes should be paid.
Just staying, eating, and learning at a college might not be enough for some athletes. New York Times Writer Veronica Majerol says, “Big time college football and basketball programs generate billions of dollars a year in TV and marketing contracts, ticket sales, and merchandising. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) gets a cut; universities get a cut; coaches get a cut. The only ones not cashing in, it seems, are the players themselves. Under NCAA rules, they’ve been considered “amateurs” who aren’t allowed to profit from their sports.”
This to me raises another question; why can’t amateurs be paid?
With these colleges making all of this money, I believe that the athletes should get some of it because if it weren’t for them, the college would not be making that much money.
In conclusion, I believe that college athletes should be paid because of the time and effort they put in to their sport. They are also bringing in a majority of the schools’ money so don’t you think these athletes should be paid too?