/Calling all Criminal Justice Majors

Calling all Criminal Justice Majors

The Criminal Justice club wants to help YOU network
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor
The Criminal Justice club helps the members with many things, networking being a top priority. On March 6, the club did just that.
At around 10:30 a.m., Terrance Warner, president of the Criminal Justice club, led the twenty SC4 students into the Detroit Public Safety Headquarters to meet safety officers and learn about internships. “The goal to go down there was getting people ideas on how to prepare for a job. This was a trip for people who were trying to seek employment; this was a way for them to gain experience, “Warner said.
Warner mentioned that he was able to find a job at the Huron House, because of the Criminal Justice club’s advisor Jim Jones. “The whole goal is get people networked in this area, or within the state of Michigan,” Warner added.
Warner also knows how busy student schedules can get, having spent two years at SC4 so far, siting that as the reason for having meetings set up the way they are.
The Criminal Justice club meets every second and fourth week in the month, and the meeting days are Tuesday and Wednesday 11 a.m. to Noon. The meetings will be held in room 207A in the North Building.
Hunter Garth, 19 and a sophomore studying Criminal Justice, said “I considered the Criminal Justice club, but I would never have time to help out. That being said, I think what they do is great for CJ majors. I’ll be waiting for more events or trips they host in hopes that I can attend.”
According to Robert Barks, 23 and pursuing Liberal Arts, the Criminal Justice club “has been around forever” and had “a friend that was in it a long time ago. He enjoyed it, but I don’t know what happened to him.” Barks added, “The meeting times back then didn’t work with my schedule or I might have given it a try for shits and giggles.”