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Books to beat the heat

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Two titles to pick up this summer
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

With summer creeping in, the time to sit outside with a good read in hand is now. Two books worth investing time into are “Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World,” and “Beat the Reaper.”
The first, as stated by the title, is a feel-good book about an orphan kitten who isadopted as a library cat in Spencer, Iowa. Written by Bret Witter and Vicki Myron, the furry ride begins in the dead of winter of 1988 when a librarian (Myron) found Dewy (full name – Dewy Readmore Books) in the book return slot and decided to adopt him. Without spoiling anything else, Dewy ends up gaining fame, one paw print at a time. Even going so far as to become an official member of the Library Cat Society.
The cost weighs in at about $10 for an E-Book, and around $8 for paperback across the internet, or could be checked out at any library for a much smaller fee.
Grey’s Anatomy, this is not. “Beat the Reaper” may feature a doctor, technically an intern, working a Manhattan hospital but that is as close as they ever get. When a new patients arrives in the hospital, he begins to wonder if Dr. Peter Brown is in fact, a Pietro “Bearclaw” Brnwa; a hit-man for the mob. Things escalate quickly, and Dr. Brown finds himself caught in the middle of the mob, the government, and death itself.
The book picks up quickly and never truly drops the adrenaline ride. Besides being chock-full of violence and swear words, it also has a high hilarity rate. Laughs and cuss words aside, “Beat the Reaper” is an easy book to read and digest. “Beat the Reaper” is written by Josh Bazell, and costs around $9.50 for an E-book, and around $11 for a paperback.
Whether reading one or both of these books, keep in mind it doesn’t matter what you’re reading but where you read it. According to the thermometer, the temperature has been on the rise and should be a call to all to pull up a chair on the porch, or drop a blanket on the ground and read.