/Board of Trustees chair vacant no more

Board of Trustees chair vacant no more

Geoffry Kusch fills board seat
Angie Stoecklin

After James Relken’s resignation from the SC4 Board of Trustees, the board received over 20 applications from those interested in filling the vacant seat. After carefully reviewing the applications, the board selected Geoffry Kusch, 66 and a retired physician and Port Huron resident since 2011.
Kusch and his wife moved from Midland, Michigan to Port Huron in 2011 to be closer to their daughter and her three children. Since the move, Kusch and his wife have been pleased with the welcoming atmosphere Port Huron offers them.
“Port Huron has been very welcoming and has given us opportunities to get involved, we really appreciate that,” Kusch said.
The Board of Trustees seat that Kusch now fills is a volunteer 2-year position that expires on Dec. 31, 2016. Other than volunteering at SC4 as a board member, Kusch and his wife both retired early and now help out the community through helping out with various organizations.
“My wife and I both had set a goal to retire early and devote as much time as we could to doing volunteer work, which we did and we continue to enjoy our volunteer activities,” Kusch said.
Kusch is on the board of directors at the Blue Water YMCA, and is also a member of the board at Marwood Manor nursing home. He also volunteers at the Port Huron soup kitchen Mid City Nutrition.
“I enjoy all of the things I do,” Kusch said.
Prior to his retirement, Kusch worked as a family physician for 15 years, he then left family practice in Midland to work as an occupational physician for Dow Chemical Company.
Kusch said that he ended up getting into the benefits side of human resources at Dow and spent the last 5 years or so of his career as the director of global benefits at Dow.
“I’ve had two very different careers and enjoyed both of them immensely,” said Kusch.
Kusch said that he applied for the board position because he believes that the community college is extremely important in today’s world because it trains people who do not have the ability to go away to a four year college. “I felt like there are huge challenges right now for SC4 and I felt that maybe I could make a contribution,” he said.
In regards to his new position on SC4’s Board of Trustees, Kusch said, “I want to do whatever I can to help the college be successful.”