/A different look at war

A different look at war

America’s most courageous sniper
Kaine LaChappelle
Guest Writer

American-Sniper-Movie-PosterU.S Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (played by Bradley Cooper) is sent to war after he is outraged with terrorist attacks happening on his own land. On his four tours he learns to have exceptional accuracy and earns the nickname “Legend” after saving countless lives on the battlefield.
After Kyle earns this nickname, his reputation isn’t just spread around his colleagues; his enemies also get to know his name. He becomes their prime target because he has killed many of their soldiers. While he did not like to kill, he did it to protect him, his brothers, and his country.
For the short amount of time he is at home, he faces quandaries between him and his family. His wife (played as Sienna Miller) wants him to come home and give their two kids a father.
Kyle however, has other plans. He wants to complete one last mission before resigning. On his fourth and last tour, he completes that mission. While under fire, he calls his wife and says “I’m ready to come home.” On his way back to a truck, a giant sandstorm hits. No one can see a thing. Scrambling to see and get to his truck, he’s shot in the leg. The truck starts to take off without him, so he drops his rifle, his helmet, and his bible to catch up to the truck.
In the beginning of the movie, it shows Chris and his dad hunting for deer. After Chris shoots a deer, he runs over to it and drops his gun in the dirt. His dad yells at him to never leave your rifle in the dirt. Even though, in the end he does.
After his long plane ride home, he can’t stop thinking about the war. When he’s at home, sitting by his TV, he hears the sounds of gunshots and explosions but nothing is playing. So he turns to a counselor at a local hospital to try and help. While he’s there, his counselor has him talk to other veterans that have been injured. He finds it comforting talking to them about war and how they got hurt. So to get his mind off war, he takes them out shooting. But one day, he takes out a man for shooting that has some mental disabilities that he was unaware of. That man ends up killing Chris Kyle on February 2, 2013. He thought Chris was a threat to him and everyone else.
This just proves you can’t see everything therefore, you can’t stop everything. I think Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller played very well as a couple. In the movie, Sienna thinks about leaving him, which did actually happen in real life. There are some pretty gory or violent parts that didn’t actually happen. In the movie, it shows Chris Kyle forcing himself to shoot a very young male who was trying to throw a grenade at fellow Marines.
Overall, I think this is a very good movie. It shows that war isn’t good like some people make it seem. War can leave you seeing things and doing things you don’t want to do. In the end, it can have you scarred. I would recommend this movie to anyone that knows what war actually is and that soldiers have to do what they must.