/A different kind of clean

A different kind of clean

New beauty store opens in Port Huron
Jamie Koebke
Staff Writer

Harmful chemicals are in most body and beauty products found at the grocery store. Heather McCleary, local business owner of Herbal Panacea, a new business that opened February 9, 2015, sells organic body products. The business is located at 1211 Lyon St., Port Huron.
“My products are all natural, made with no chemicals,” McCleary said.
The store sells products from bar soap to laundry soap, soy candles, lip balm, coconut oil and dried herbs for teas and baths. Not only does the store sell these products but Heather makes the products herself. Heather said, “I decided to start making my own natural products because of all the chemicals that are in most products these days. Since I have children, I wanted to know what kind of ingredients were in the products that I put on them. What better way to know these things than to make my own products.”
Researchers have found that there are some chemicals used in personal care products that could cause cancer, diethanolamine or DEA is one of those products. DEA is a chemically modified form of coconut oil and studies have shown that it might cause cancer. By buying organic coconut oil you bypass the chemically modified part. “The products at Herbal Panacea are made with essential oils so they also have healing benefits,” said McCleary.
Organic body products are a way to not only help keep potentially harmful chemicals out of your life, but to help keep the environment clean as well. Most organic products can be expensive, roughly $3-$4 for a tube of lip balm; however, local Herbal Panacea lip balm runs $2 for a tube. Products like the soy candles have multiple uses. “The soy wax is soft and can be rubbed on skin to moisturize and replenish without the waxy coating of a normal candles,” McCleary said.
St. Clair County Community College student Brittany Collins said, “I want to use products that are made from natural ingredients and are more beneficial to my body in the long run than the non-organic products.”
Having a local business, Heather has a Facebook page for Herbal Panacea that acquired 270 likes in the first three weeks.
“This is my dream!” McCleary said. “I can’t wait to spread my business into a bigger store with more natural products to share with everyone!”