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525,600 minutes

SC4 Community Choir performs Seasons of Love concert

Shaelisa Murphy

Staff Writer

Despite the low turnout of SC4 community choir’s members at the recent concert on Monday Feb. 16, the audience seemed to enjoy the “Seasons of Love” concert.

“I think that’s was an amazing concert and it was great timing with Valentine’s Day just this past weekend,” said SC4 student Jade Coulter. Choir director Carly Vandyke explained that numerous choir members were under the weather or having personal issues and therefore could not make it to the concert. But despite very little preparation time, the choir as a whole feels that they did great.

While Vandyke works as the choir teacher at Port Huron Northern and is working to complete her master’s degree in administration, she is still able to make room every Monday night for two hours to teach the community choir.

Working with the community choir is so much fun because of the age variation, you have some members of the choir who graduated high school just last year and then you have members who graduated in 1960s. The fun definitely outweighs the stress,” Vandyke expressed about teaching the choir.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out this concert, while the date hasn’t been announced for the next one be sure to check the SC4 website and go to the event calendar located in community.