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The Sound of Change

Dirty-HeadsDownload4The different sounds of Dirty Heads
D.J. Palm
Staff Writer

If you take rock music, add some rap, a lot of reggae and subtract the country, what do you get? You get a band called the Dirty Heads. What’s so special about these guys? They’re a band that you cannot fully pinpoint what genre of music they are.
The range of music these guys play is astonishing. For example, the song titled “Your Love” is a nice soft slow pace of a “hippy” tune with acoustic guitar and bongos serenading throughout the track. The song features Bob Marley’s son Ky-mani who brings an authentic Jamaican feel to the tune. And then three songs later BAM!! The track “Hipster,” is a fast paced rap song with a drum pounding beat, with a soprano saxophone in the chorus.
The best song, in some fans’ opinion, is called “Franco Eyed” currently on their newest album called “Sound of Change.” The beat makes you feel as if you’re about to hear another 50 cent or Jay-Z track but no! What you hear is some grunge looking hippies rapping, and rapping great. Nothing auto tuned, no voice synthesizers, just Grade-A quality music from a Grade-A quality band. How more people don’t know about them is still a mystery.
The Dirty Heads appeared at the Fillmore Theater in Detroit back in July of 2014 for their “Sound of Change Tour” to promote the release of their newest album with the same title.
Local Port Huron native and current student at SC4, Anna Taravella didn’t even know who the Dirty Heads were when she attended their concert just across the street from Comerica Park.
“Honestly that was the best concert I’ve ever been to,” Taravella said. She’s attended concerts including Metallica, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock. “I couldn’t believe how they were so easy listening and fast paced. One song people were putting their lighters up side to side, and on the next song people were dancing like they were at a nightclub.”
The Dirty Heads “Sound of Change Tour” is currently in a 2 week break as they commute from Boulder, Colorado to Miami, Florida. The next time they come to Michigan is still to be determined. Their current tour is coming to a close with only 6 stops left with the grand finale in Anchorage, Alaska.
If you want to hear a few tracks from the Dirty Heads, you can YouTube them on your own time, download the album or listen to 91.3 FM WSGR Port Huron from 12-2 to hear them on the SC4 radio station.