/Sick art on deck

Sick art on deck

Second SC4 Deck Art competition a success
Mel Buskirk
Copy Editor

IMG_0028This past Thursday, the Deck Art competition drew to a close with the auction and the award ceremony for the winners of this year’s competition. The event took place in the galleries and main hall of the Fine Arts Building on SC4’s campus, with the top fifty boards chosen by a panel of judges on display. The artists for the top three submissions were awarded with certificates and prizes for their work.
IMG_0015The third place winner for this year’s competition was freshman Haley Hoyt, 18, from Lakeport. Haley is majoring in graphic design but is considering switching to a major in fine arts. Haley’s piece “Teuthoieda” (the scientific name for the type of squid that was portrayed) was created using modeling paste to create the three-dimensional texture, then painted with acrylic paints and finished with a gloss coating.
Ryan McInnis came in second place with his piece “Take Flight.” The thirty-seven-year-old Port Huron local is an on and off student at SC4 majoring in graphic design. Ryan put a lot of work into his board, using spray paint, stencils, designs he created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and a picture of his best friend Sadaat Hossain, the owner of the Raven Cafe. Ryan and Sadaat are both members of a band called The Poltroons, which you might have seen playing during this past weekend’s Chili Fest.
Emily Mainguy won first place with her three board submission titled “Land, Sea & Sky.” Emily, 21, is a sophomore at SC4 majoring in graphic design and is the production editor for the Erie Square Gazette. The digital media piece was originally just one skateboard, however, when a classmate bet Emily to create more, the “Land” and “Sky” elements were added to the submission. “I’m excited and shocked,” Emily exclaimed when asked about earning first place. “We had a lot of entries and it was an even playing field.”
While the winners may have been SC4 graphic design students, all students were eligible to enter into the Deck Art Competition. This included Selena Graves, a seventeen-year-old junior at Riverview High School with her piece “Lone Wolf” that she created using oils, acrylics, and marker. “This is the first big project I’ve done,” she said. Selena plans on going to Full Sail University after graduating high school.
This was the second year for the Deck Art Competition at SC4, and a successful one at that. The contest was the brainchild of Sarah Flatter, the graphic design instructor and full-time faculty member at SC4, who was inspired by events she had seen elsewhere.
Last year the event exhibited all entries, while this year the galleries only displayed the top fifty entries as chosen by a panel of judges. One of the judges for this year’s competition was Garold Vallie, a nationally acclaimed professional skateboarder. Unfortunately, he was unable to make an appearance at the Deck Art auction and award ceremony due to car trouble. Vallie, along with other pro skaters, will be at this year’s Boat Night in Port Huron to kick off the 3rd Annual Deck Art Competition.
Submissions for next year’s Deck Art Competition must be in by Sept. 30, 2015. The only entry fee is $25 per blank skateboard deck. The artists of the top three submissions shall receive certificates and checks for prizes, with first place earning $500, second place with $250, and third place with $100. All fine arts and graphic design students are welcome to enter.