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New brewery moving into Marysville
Jamie Koebke
Staff Writer

New brews are coming to the Port Huron area! Harsens Island Brewery will open in Marysville, at the old Hostess store on Gratiot Boulevard.
Harsens Island Brewery will focus on more traditional beer than craft beer. Not only do the father and son owners Spencer and Brian Phinney plan to brew their own beer, but they plan to distribute it, in cans. Choosing cans for distributing craft beer is rare but keeps longer and has a different taste than bottles.
Port Huron is also home to Thumb Coast Brewing Company, located on Quay Street in downtown Port Huron. Thumb Coast offers original craft beer. The beer is brewed right there in the building, you can see the equipment from the bar area.
Thumb Coast offers an option called “The Flight.” “The Flight” has six different Thumb Coast original craft beers for $6.
Harsens Island Brewery will give Port Huron area even more options for non-mainstream beer like Bud Light and Budweiser.
Jim Fisher, 45, of Port Huron said “Not only do we have a great brewpub with Thumb Coast and the potential of a great brewery with the new Harsens Island brewery but there are a number of hop farms sprouting up in the area as well. Great water and a great location make Port Huron uniquely qualified to be the beer capital of Michigan!” Fisher brews his own craft beer.
Right now, Grand Rapids leads Michigan in craft beer with Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids Brewing Co., The Mitten Brewing Company, just to name a few that are at the top of production.
“I don’t think Port Huron could ever be as big as Grand Rapids, but I think it could have potential to be something similar. Even Detroit isn’t where Grand Rapids is with brewing,” said Korey Bartos, 22, of Port Huron. Bartos currently resides in Petoskey.
Port Huron has a lot to offer in terms of bars. Most of the downtown bars offer Michigan craft beers on tap. Lynch’s Irish Tavern, Freighter’s, and Fuel Woodfire Grill are just a few non-breweries that offer them.
If you’re 21 years of age or older, enjoy beer, and want to support local business, check out Thumb Coast Brewing Company. Although there isn’t a set opening date for Harsens Island Brewery, it’s estimated to open after Oct. of 2015, so be sure to keep an eye open and go check it out.