//On a trip to claim Stanley’s Cup

On a trip to claim Stanley’s Cup

Gustav Nyquist (photo)Red wings shot at the cup
Tyler Smith
Sports Editor

There is nothing better than having your friends over, snacking on pizza rolls with a flat screen and the Detroit Red Wings giving a good kicking.
This season the Wings have returned to their olds ways with new players. With a kicking butt and taking names attitude, the Red Wings have more than a shot at the Stanley cup. On the ice, the wings are a formidable defensive and offensive force. When they have the puck you’ll need a miracle to get it back from the Red Wings and pray, to whichever god you pray to, that you’re far away from the defense.
These players will fight tooth and blade before admitting defeat, which is the reason why they are in a three-way tie for first with Tampa Bay Lightning and Montréal Canadians in the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference. They have the chance to own another division title besides Western Conferences Central title, won in the 2010-2011 season.
Port Huron native James Woolman, 26, believes the Wings have challenges ahead of them with Tampa Bay getting some fresh talented players on the team and Montréal having a solid team on the ice.
According to redwings.nhl.com some players to watch for are Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Gustav Nyquist, and Tomas Tatar. These four gentlemen have left their hearts and souls on the ice after each game this season with an average shooting percentage of 14.5, and average of 41 points scored between the four of them though out the season.
The Wings have a strong offensive and defensive line. For the goalies it is a different story with Jimmy Howard currently out due to injuries of the groin and Jonas Gustavsson recently returning after a shoulder injury.
Petr Mrazek took the net and proved himself to be an exceptional goalie with over a thousand minutes of game time, 531 “shot at” and save percentage of .914. He is ranked second in the team stats just under Jimmy Howard, who has over eighteen-hundred minutes of game time, 831 “shot at”, and a save percentage of .920.
At this current rate, the Wings have a shot at getting to the playoffs and hopefully bring the Stanley Cup home again.