/Not a game for angels, but for Saints

Not a game for angels, but for Saints

Gat out of HellSaint’s Row: Gat out of Hell review
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

Over the years, Saint’s Row progressively pushed the envelope and, big surprise, “Gat out of Hell” doesn’t hold much back. From a talking gun, to historical figures, and even a musical number, “Gat out of Hell” provides a memorable play through.
Making a return from SR4 are super powers, renamed ‘Arcane Powers’. The best addition is easily the Flight power. After being granted the Cracked Halo of Satan, you gain access to the Arcane Powers and are given a pair of Angel Wings. With the wings comes the ability to fly across the city, and all the fun that ensues. Just remember to watch your stamina bar or else you’ll end up pulling a nosedive.
As the title implies, this game’s primary backdrop is Hell and it measures about half the size of Steelport in Saint’s Row IV.
Soul Clusters take the place of SR4’s Data Clusters, and are used for the same purpose. Like previous SR installments, audio logs can be found and listened to. Some document characters, but most are D.S.O.G. (Damned Soul’s Orientation Guide), and those can get very funny.
The story arc gives you about a dozen cut scenes; the rest is all in-game scenes. It also differs from other games, because you don’t progress forward in the story until you fill up parts of the ‘Satan’s Wrath’ bar. This can be done by completing activities, taking over hoods, and blowing stuff up.
“Gat out of Hell” has you playing as Johnny Gat/Kenzie Kensington (players choice, and you’re able to switch between them) trying to save the president from marrying Satan’s daughter, Jezebel.
While you can play as either Kenzie or Johnny, you don’t have the option to customize them beyond Abilities and Arcane Power. The two differences in playing as one character over the other is dialogue spoken by that character, and that Johnny wields a pair of knives instead of fists.
The game references lore and mythology, even in its weapons. Named ‘The Seven Deadly Weapons’, they each represent the Seven Deadly Sins; Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, and Wrath. Each carry their own special something with it. My favorite is Sloth, represented as an easy chair with twin mini-guns and heat-seeking missiles.
While “Gat out of Hell” is considered a standalone expansion, it still provides 6-8 hours of chaos and hilarity. I clocked in at six and a half hours of gameplay with 90% of Hell overthrown, and 81% of total game completion, and I can say I never really got bored of it.
The story could have had more to it (as I mentioned, only a dozen or so cut scenes total), and the ending I had (there are five different endings) felt shallow and abruptly cut off, and the lack of any radio stations meant my phone was contently playing music.
That all being said, I would still recommend it because it is still a great game, with much fun to be had. Flying around on Angel Wings alone makes it all the more enjoyable.
The average price online for Gat out of Hell is $19.99. I have no regrets about buying it, and I don’t think anyone else would either.

**Side column**
Name: Chico
Platform: Xbox 360
Playtime: 6 hours, 38 minutes
Game Completion: 81%
Hell Overthrown: 90%
Story: Beaten
Score: 8.0/10