//Middle school students make their mark on the ESG

Middle school students make their mark on the ESG

Angie Stoecklin

The Erie Square Gazette will like to thank Michelle Gierman for her idea to incorporate her student’s articles in a couple of ESG issues.
Gierman is currently teaching her seventh grade students at Fort Gratiot Middle school how to write for journalism. She reached out to the ESG asking us if it were possible to publish articles written by her students.
Myself as Editor-in-Chief recently met with Gierman’s students and informed them on how to write with the inverted pyramid style, and gave them a brief description of AP style. The student’s seemed very enthusiastic and eager to learn.
Readers may be wondering, “why publish middle school student articles in a college newspaper?” Well the answer is simple, getting kids inspired to write is our way of reaching out to the community. How cool would it be, as a seventh grader, to be able to bring home a newspaper that usually sports articles written by college students with an article that you wrote? And, quite honestly, we at the ESG see no reason not to give these student’s an opportunity that may benefit them greatly if they decide to go into any form of writing as a career.
So readers, when you pick up the third and fourth issues, be sure to read the articles from student guest writers, you could be looking at the future generation of journalism.