/Are you primed and ready to go?

Are you primed and ready to go?

SC4 Alumni hiring student painters
Gregory Garofalo
Guest writer

Are you looking for a job? Well look no further, Student Painters House Painting is here for you.
Run by SC4 alumni Kaylee Bert, Student Painters is an exterior home painting business that provides local home owners with free estimates and a new coat of paint. Most importantly though, they’re hiring.
“I’m looking for highly motivated and friendly people who are between the ages of 18-25, and easy to work with,” says Bert.
Student Painters is a business set up by Independent Youth. According to their website, independantyouth.org, they have one goal: “Empower today’s teens to become tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurial innovators.” The organization sends students to their home town to give them the opportunity of real life business experience.
The two positions available are Cold Calling and painting. For those who don’t know, Cold Calling entails going door to door within a designated area and offering free estimates of exterior painting. Cold Callers would work part time and need to have flexible schedules.
Painting on the other hand would be a full time position and applicants need to have an open schedule. Payment up to $8.50 per hour for both jobs is obtainable, not including potential raises. Cold Callers start the last week of February, while Painters start in May.
For any questions call Kaylee at (810) 304-3681, or email her at bertkl@cmich.edu.