/American Idol recognizes Port Huron talent

American Idol recognizes Port Huron talent

Alex Shier performs at Goodfella’s
Angie Stoecklin

Port Huron native Alex Shier, 19, is one step closer to achieving his dream of being a famous musician after auditioning on “American Idol” and receiving the coveted ticket that sends a competitor to Hollywood.
Despite the pressure of going to Hollywood to perform in front of millions, Shier wanted to do one last show in his hometown of Port Huron. Pete Norager, the owner of Goodfella’s, said that Shier came to him and asked to perform in his restaurant. Then on Friday, Feb. 16, supporters of Shier filled the seats at Goodfella’s Grill in downtown Port Huron.
“He was looking for a place to perform in town and he said that he liked the theme (of Goodfella’s),” Norager said.
Shier said that he decided to play at Goodfella’s after he walked in the door and instantly pictured performing a show at the front of the restaurant.
Shier started playing shows last year after he was rejected from “American Idol.” According to Shier at the 2015 “American Idol” auditions in Nashville, he had never played a live gig before his first audition; since then, he’s played over 200 shows.
“They really recognized that I took some time to get experience and that’s what they appreciated the most,” Shier said regarding the judges opinions of him on “American Idol.”
At ten years old, Shier started playing guitar. His father, while he has never been musically inclined, has a great playlist, according to Shier. “I grew up with some really good music and it’s gotten me through every hard time and that’s the best part about it.”
Other than being inspired by famous musicians such as John Mayer, the Dave Mathews Band, and Ed Sheeran, Shier draws most inspiration from his uncle Cliff Erikson.
Unable to put the reason why his uncle is such a driving force in Shier’s musical life, he simply said, “Go see one of his shows, and you’ll understand why.”
One by one, Goodfella’s customers approached Shier, congratulating him and even requesting autographs. But despite all the publicity, Shier says he does not want to lose sight of who he is.
“I don’t like to think of myself as too much of a big deal cause that’s when I don’t stay grounded,” said Shier humbly. “I asked for all of this, so I need to handle it the right way.”
Tune into season 14 of “American Idol” to see Shier perform in upcoming episodes. Follow him on twitter at @AlexShiermusic.