/A symphonic sensation

A symphonic sensation

SC4 Faculty and Friends bring classical to life
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

IMG_0043The docile tones of piano (Victoria Banks), violin (Stephen Collins), and the French horn (Jane Lehman) filled the theater hall with sounds of Auf dem Strom, accented by the opera-esque vocals (Cheryl Kaski) during SC4’s Noon and Night Concert Series.
This event was held on January 22 at noon, and again at 7 p.m.
Five musical pieces were performed at the night concert. Wolfgang Mozart’s “Ah, Vous dirai-je, Maman” was played by Banks, as was Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Sonata quasi una fantasia Op. 27, No. 2”.
Frank Schubert’s “Auf dem Strom” called for all four musicians, and Johannes Brahms’ “Trio in E flat Major for Horn, Violin & Piano Op. 40” required the French horn, piano, and violin. Lehman, who was the guest musician, preformed V. Shelukov’s “Scherzo”.
Banks, and Kaski are both instructors at SC4 and teach piano, music curriculum respectively.
One audience member, Collin Barber, 51 of Port Huron, said “I enjoyed the concert they played here. I wish there was more concerts like this, because the talents of these women and man have brought a smile to my face.”
Tory Standti, 34 of Port Huron, expressed her great love for the classical music that flooded the hall saying, “Auf dem Strom is a beautiful song. The soprano in the song completes, but it is not a true song without the whole team there. Horn, string, piano, and soprano came together tonight to create something special.”
Lehman spent twenty five years in Germany playing her French horn for several German orchestras, and played for the International Symphony when she returned to Michigan in 2006. Lehman stresses the importance of practice for any musician to get good; saying, “It takes practice. You want to be good? Practice, persistence, motivation. You’re never too old to practice.”