/Start the Christmas season the right way

Start the Christmas season the right way

McLaren Foundation hosts the 26th annual Festival of Trees
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

Patrons of Port Huron trekked into McMorran Place this weekend for the 26th annual Festival of Trees. The Festival of Trees has raised more than 1.5 million dollars since its genesis in 1989.
The Festival of Trees is presented every year by the McLaren Port Huron Foundation to raise funds for medical equipment and services such as infant cardiac monitors, birthing beds, Emergency Center components, and many more.
With trees grouped together on display for all to see, families and friends ambulated while lavishing the twinkling lights and creativity while listening to live Christmas music, as well as the sideshow of figure skaters displaying their icy skills. The Festival of Trees became the true kick start of the Christmas season.
Raffle buckets sat next to the trees giving families a chance to win a variety of gift items. The winners of the raffle would also be able to bring a tree home to enjoy for Christmas.
“I would like the ‘Frozen’ tree with the Olaf doll cause I like the movie,” said Beth Smith, 4.
But trees weren’t the only items to raffle. Electronic toys and other items where displayed almost like the toy stores and featured extravagant window displays.
People stood in front of the gift raffle eyeing the new technology of our age. Teenagers like Alex Stalker, 16, mostly kept their hopes on the 40 inch HDTV. “I really want that TV to able to play my new Xbox console,” said Stalker.
Trees and gifts was not the only attention that snagged everyone’s eyes. Traveling all the way from the North Pole to the Festival of Trees was good ‘olé Saint Nicholas, spreading Christmas joy and cheer.
The festival drew numerous guests to McMorran helping McLaren raise funds for the Miriam F. Acheson Family Birth Place at McLaren Port Huron. The family birth place houses 17 private labor, delivery, recovery, and post-partum suites and has state of the art labor and delivery rooms, while offering pleasant, comfortable and convenient surroundings, making the Festival of Trees a noble event for a noble cause.