//SC4 theatre roars with laughter

SC4 theatre roars with laughter

Lend me2
SC4 Players’ “Lend Me a Tenor” performances delight audiences
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

“He’s Italian, they kiss everything!” exclaimed Max, played by Caleb Kreidler during SC4 Player’s performances of “Lend Me a Tenor,” Dec. 4, 5, 6, and 7. And a lot of kissing there was.
“Lend Me a Tenor” is the story of Italian Opera Star, Tito Merelli, played by Greg Garofalo, who through a comedic and accidental turn of events cannot perform as Otello at the Cleveland Grand Opera Company because he is thought to be dead instead of sleeping. Assistant to the General Manager of the opera house, Max, played by Caleb Kreidler, is forced to perform in Merelli’s place, but, in order to keep the good publicity due to Merelli’s presence at the opera house, no one must know it is Max instead of Merelli. Merelli awakes in time to perform, but now there are two Merellis roaming the streets. Women, police, and ironic exit and entrances allow romance, confusion, and hilarity to ensue.
Tom Kephart, director, said the cast did an excellent job carrying out comedic timing. When asked why Kephart chose this show he said, “I wanted a show that I knew I was going to have fun watching. I know this play backwards and forwards and I still laugh, and I still tear up at the end.”
The small, but mighty cast of eight had their hands full. “Lend Me a Tenor” requires well-formed characters from all, as well as accents and operatic singing from others. Kreidler, who sang the most with Garofalo as a close second, said he never had specific operatic training, but recognized techniques in opera that he had been taught in private voice lessons. Furthermore, Kephart helped shape the leads’ singing.
Additionally, the show has no scene changes. Instead the play is performed entirely in Tito Merelli’s hotel suite. The approximately two hour show kept the audience laughing despite the lack of scenery change.
One such audience member, Alyssa Williams, said “It was so fun and energetic. I was almost in tears laughing the whole time.”