/It’s not the war we know, it’s the war they fought

It’s not the war we know, it’s the war they fought

Vietnam in HD
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

“They say the World War II guys were the best generation, and every war since then were the best of their generation, they were noble,” said United Press National Correspondent Joseph Galloway.
In a complex time little is known about war, and many don’t understand war. During the 60’s and early 70’s one war is burned in to every mind of America; The Vietnam War. A war that is misunderstood until you hear the side of the veterans who served.
The History Channel presented a series after their well-advertised and successful series WWII in HD. Vietnam in HD is an eye opening look in to the Vietnam War though the eyes of those who served. Hearing those veterans and family of veterans tell their experience and how the war affected them and those around them brings the voice of those who stood silent though the roar of a thousand souls.
The 2011 documentary series is worth the $20 to hear the Americans who fought during the war and the way they felt about it. With this series it will bring you closer to appreciating the men and women who serve today.
Vietnam in HD covers the eleven year war from 1964 where we had Advisors to the South Vietnamese army (ARVON forces) to the end of the war in 1975. As an owner of the DVD I watch the series multiple times to remind me how lucky I am to live in a country with such outstanding citizens. I suggest that you should buy it so you as well can feel a sense of patriotism and a great sense of pride for those who serve. As well be thankful for keeping our country safe and trying to making the world a safer place as well.