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I’d tap that

Fuel hosts Tap Takeover for Bell’s Brewery
Melanie Buskirk
Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, Fuel Woodfire Grill & Spirits, located in historic downtown Port Huron, hosted a beer tasting event known as a Tap Takeover for Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Michigan’s oldest and most successful craft beer brewery. Regulars and beer connoisseurs alike filled the bar as they eagerly waited for the bartenders to serve them old favorites like Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale and new specialties like the Cinnamon Sunrise Stout. The beer and taps were provided by Earl Smith Distributing Company, a Port Huron based company that is the Thumb and Bluewater areas’ leading distributor of beer and wine.
The branch manager for Earl Smith Distributing Company, Kevin Meharg was pleased with the exposure that the Tap Takeover brought to Bell’s Brewery, Inc. and their specialty beers. He wasn’t the only one that enjoyed the craft brews.
Staci Edie, an aesthetician and lifelong resident of Port Huron as well as a regular at the local downtown businesses, seemed very excited to partake in the Tap Takeover.
“It’s nice because it brings a lot of people to try new beers,” Edie said as the bartender brought her a pint of Bell’s Christmas Ale to try. “A lot of people follow Bell’s. If people know about it [the Tap Takeover] they’ll come out and try out the bar. Events like this bring out a lot of new people to try the local bars. People are really into the new craft beers here in Port Huron.”
When he had a moment between greeting customers and assisting the bartenders, the owner of Fuel Mike Taylor confirmed what Edie stated, saying that he was excited to get people to get out and try new beers. Taylor also expressed his gratitude, “Bell’s is obviously good to our city and to our small businesses. I’m happy to support them for supporting us.”
Bell’s Brewery, Inc. is the main sponsor of the Bell’s Bayview Mackinac Race, a yearly event that brings plenty of business to downtown Port Huron. Bell’s Brewery, Inc. is also one of Michigan’s best brewers.
The brewery, founded in 1983, claims one of the top IPA’s in recent times with its Two-Hearted Ale placing as the second best beer in the country according to the American Homebrewers’ Association. Another one of their beers, called Hopslam also placed on the list as being the sixth best beer in the country. Although their award-winning beers are the crowd favorites, they weren’t the only ones featured at the Tap Takeover. Eight of their other choice beers were featured at the Tap Takeover; the Winter White Ale, the Christmas Ale, the Sweet Potato Stout, Cinnamon Sunrise, the Oracle DIPA Ale, Two-Hearted Ale, Kalamazoo Hopsoulution Ale, and the Roundhouse IRA.

Winter White Ale: A 5.0% Belgian-style white ale with a light flavored and a cloudy appearance, available during the winter months.
Christmas Ale: A 5.5% ale brewed using locally grown malt, Michigan grown barley, and a lack of spices creating a smooth taste to compliment holiday menus.
Sweet Potato Stout: A 6.1% stout with a dark color and a strong ginger taste with a hint of other autumnal spices.
Cinnamon Sunrise: A strong 12.7% double aged stout with strong cinnamon and vanilla flavors. This one was especially popular at the Tap Takeover.
Oracle DIPA Ale: A 10.0% IPA with a dry citrus and hoppy taste with a strong bitter aftertaste.
Two-Hearted Ale: A 7.0% IPA with a strong hop and malt balance, coupled with a pine resin and grapefruit aroma this is an award winning crowd pleaser.
Kalamazoo Hopsoulution Ale: An 8.0% double IPA made with hops from the Pacific Northwest and Germany.
Roundhouse IRA: A 7.0% India Red Ale that has a medley of fruity tones such as pineapple, peach and citrus with a dry finish.

Taylor said that the Fuel Woodfire Grill & Spirits hosts these events every other month, so don’t worry if you missed this Tap Takeover.