/Hoedown Throw Down

Hoedown Throw Down

Intervarsity 3
InterVarsity throws community two step
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

Last Friday night, SC4 and the Port Huron community line danced and two stepped their way into the school gym for Intervarsity’s Sweet Country 2 Step.
InterVarsity welcomed SC4 students as well as the public, an open invitation to anyone who had a hankering to learn how to two step.
Nothing but positive reactions came from those who attended:
“It’s been really fun learning a barn dance and line dancing. It’s a cool and different thing to do on a Friday night, you’re not going out to a movie, or the bar, might as well go out and learn how to line dance,” said Sean Hurley, 23.
“It’s good fun to dance with all generations, and have fun with your friends,” said Misha Beverley Geno, 29.
“We just wanted to give students something fun to do while building relationships, leading them to InterVarsity, and hopefully build a relationship with Christ,” said Karly Humes, President of InterVarsity.
“InterVarsity is all about establishing relationships with all students on campus to point them towards Jesus,” Humes explained, “His love and the satisfaction that only a relationship with Him can bring.”
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a Christian campus mission group serving students and faculty on college and University campuses nationwide. Their vision: to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed by investing in students and spreading the love of Christ.
Having roots all the way back to 1887 when a group of young Christian students began to meet at Cambridge University in England.
Despite facing opposition and disapproval from University officials the group continued eventually calling themselves InterVarsity, standing for between college students. Eventually the group caught fire globally and in 1938, InterVarsity groups began to spring up around Canada and a few years later in 1941, The University of Michigan founded the first InterVarsity group in the United States.
Students at SC4 can get involved with InterVarsity via Facebook at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – SC4. The group meets every Tuesday and Wednesday at 12 p.m. in the AJT building.