/Her music filled the air; a symbol of beauty

Her music filled the air; a symbol of beauty

Classical pianist Anastasia Rizikov plays at SC4
Tyler Smith
Staff Writer

With the creations of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and more, a 15-year-old girl brings them to life with every note and melody that fills the air. For those who have a classical taste, this one is for you.
Anastasia Rizikov from Toronto, Canada, played her heart out on the St. Clair County Community College stage. Beginning with esthetic energy, describing the different parts of the first piece she was about to play. Rizikov showed her love for the music by moving her hands and playing on an invisible piano while she talked.
When she prepared to play, there was an eerie silence just waiting for that first cluster of notes. The whispers of the audience echoed, wondering if the night would be a remarkable one. It gave the vibe similar to the buildup to the climax in a movie.
The melodies and rhythm kept growing and building as she played. Only growing in confidence as she played, filling the room with beautiful chords that could make a man weep. With each crescendo her years of practice and experience burned bright.
As she finished, thunderous applause replaced the eerie silence that filled the room previously. Rizikov bowed with a smile from ear to ear and like a rose flower, she bloomed. It seemed that Rizikov touched the hearts of everyone in the audience on that November night.
At the end of the concert, SC4 student Nicole Minhinnick said she was only there for a class assignment, Rizikov’s playing really impressed her.
Rizikov will be playing at the Berman Center of the Performing Arts in West Bloomfield on November 22.
For more details on Rizikov, visit her website anastasiarizikov.ca.