/Christmas spent in the past and remembered for Ice Ages

Christmas spent in the past and remembered for Ice Ages

SC4 brings the beasts that roam the earth alive
Tyler Smith
Staff writer

Families traveled a thousand years in the past to the Ice Age to when the great mammoth roamed these lands on Saturday Dec. 6, in the St. Clair County Community College Nasr Natural science Museum.
Nasr held a mammoth holiday event for the public to visit and partake in festive activities. Kids could decorate cookies shaped as mammoths. Jessica Walker, 6, decorated her mammoth cookie with style.
“Mine is going to have green fur with glitter because everyone deserves to look cute,” Walker said.
Others explored the museum’s artifacts on display and adopted pet rocks. William Jacobs, 5, made connections with present day species, “They look like elephants but have hair like a bear, that’s awesome.”
Walking though the room of fossils and bones from those that lived before, there was an activity for all to partake in. Instead of being just a visitor, you are given the chance to be the archeologist and dig up fossils of prehistoric creatures.
A sand box equipped with brushes had hidden inside of it, the claws from a Velociraptor, a neck bone from a Brachiosaurus, or even a tooth from the king himself, the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex. Just like out in the world of archeology, you never know what you will dig up.
With all the wondrous activities set up the event, which no doubt drew the public to the museum, as well bring as knowledge and smiles to everyone.
But what is a holiday event if you’re missing the man in the red suit.
Santa Claus walked around saying hello to kids and adults. Some kids were ecstatic see him while others were a little shy. But Lindsey Armstrong, 5, saw it as a moment to bribe him, “I told him what I wanted for Christmas and that he can get his cookies after.”