//That 70’s affair

That 70’s affair

Photo credit: Emily Mainguy
Photo credit: Emily Mainguy

SC4 Red Carpet Affair raises $40,400 for preforming arts.
Gregory Garofalo
Lifestyle Editor

On Saturday Nov. 1, students, faculty and benefactors grooved their way back to the time of lava lamps and disco as they attended the 11th annual SC4 Red Carpet Affair.
Last year the benefactors met and surpassed their two year goal of $1 million, raising a total of $2.2 million for both scholarships and the recent Fine Arts Building renovations last year. This year the benefactors were celebrating raising a total sum of $40,400 for the performing arts here at SC4.
Catered by countless local restaurants, served by far out hippies and given the groovy talent of student band, “The Cool Cat’s Revival,” attendants enjoyed themselves like it was December of ’73.
“I think tonight’s fantastic,” said college president Kevin Pollock, “We have close to 200 people here so it’s a great night.”
Tonya Snover, SC4 sophomore, also shared part of the psychedelic spotlight as the winner of the Ellen Kean scholarship. A proud moment for the young woman who expressed her thanks that evening.
“Education teaches us acceptance, passion and hard work,” elaborated Snover, “my two and half years here at SC4, I have grown more as a person than I believe I have in my entire life. This year I received the Ellen Kean scholarship. A scholarship is not just a way that helps me pay for college, it is a reminder of my dedication and hard work. A scholarship says: I believe in you. As my parents always told me while growing up, you can be whatever you want to be. That is exactly what college is doing for me. It is helping me become the person I always dreamed to be.”
Snover’s acceptance speech was met with a deserved thunderous applause and the night went on with drinks, dancing, and a righteous vibe that filled the student center.
“It’s a fantastic party,” said administrator and theater director Tom Kephart, “it’s fantastic to see the people of the community who support the foundation. You know tonight is about raising money, but it’s also about trying to get people here on campus. It’s a great group and everyone seems to be having a great time.”