/Letter from the Editor: The results are in…
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Letter from the Editor: The results are in…

Angie Stoecklin

We at the Erie Square Gazette conducted a poll over the last few weeks asking students what they would like to read about in the Erie Square Gazette. We received some great specific feedback which will be taken into account for future stories, but for the sake of reporting the results, I’ll stick to generalities. I also included my thoughts and examples for some of the topics on the following list for explanation.
Out of the approximate 60 results gathered by participating students, here are the top ten topics mentioned that students would like to see more of.

1. Sports
Because of a lack of a sports editor this semester, the ESG has not been able to report on SC4 sports, or any other sports events for that matter. The fact that the majority of students who participated in the poll mention the lack of a sports section shows that our need for a Sports Editor is far greater than I or the other members of the staff originally thought. Those student’s interested in taking on the position of Sports Editor should consider e-mailing the ESG at eriesquaregazette@gmail.com. As mentioned in a previous letter from the editor, there is a scholarship available for that position.
2. Current events
Most of the students who mentioned current events mentioned the Isis situation. It’s great to see that students are concerned with what is happening in the world outside of campus. Since this is the runner up in the poll, students interested can expect to see a current events section in the ESG’s future.
3. Health tips
A column focusing on health is not a bad idea at all. Specific suggestions for this included how to eat healthy on a college budget, and recent health studies to keep student’s updated on what is safe to eat and what is not.
4. Comics
Any student interested in doing comics, even if it’s just for one issue should contact us. Believe me, we miss them too.
5. Movie reviews
6. Music

Local music coverage has been a goal for this paper for a while now. I would very much like to see our music section succeed. Especially since the Port Huron area has so much to offer in the music realm.
7. Crime
According to SC4 sophomore Alinah Purdy-Sechs, 20, the school does not report on attempted rapes on campus. If that is the case, I would very much like to change that. I will do my research, and hopefully we can start reporting on such things to keep students aware.
8. Recipe column
9. Fun stuff to do on campus
10. Politics

In this issue is an article on the election, unfortunately, our paper goes to the printer only a few hours prior to when the election results are posted. I hope to keep our articles focused on politics more timely in the future. There is also a profile on Democratic Supreme Court justice candidate Richard Bernstein; I hope that those interested find it informing and worthwhile.

On behalf of all the ESG staff, I would like to say thank you to all students who participated in the poll. If any readers are interested in getting involved in the paper to help us meet the poll’s criteria, feel free to contact us via eriesquaregazette@gmail.com.
The ESG meets every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. in room 123 of the Main Building.