/Haunted House’s spookiness a tad too late for most

Haunted House’s spookiness a tad too late for most

Photo Credit: Nick "Chico" Hernandez
Photo Credit: Nick “Chico” Hernandez

Stress Breaker 2014
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

A haunted house can be very fun during Halloween, but what about after Halloween?
“I enjoyed myself, even if it was cheesy,” said Janet Tinnunt, 26, a sophomore from Marysville.
Stress Breaker this year featured face painting by NerdCore, pumpkin painting by Marketing and Management, and mask making by WSGR, alongside the haunted house hosted by Student Government. Gay Straight Alliance provided the “organs” for people to touch while they were inside the haunted house.
“It definitely could have been better, but the effort was definitely there,” said Jack White, 20, a sophomore from Fort Gratiot.
This year’s Stress Breaker showed a sharp decline in student participation. A mere 52 people signed the waivers and entered the haunted house during the three hours it was set up in the cafeteria.
Hailey Baker, 19, freshman of Marysville, said “It’s not Halloween. Why do we have a haunted house?”
Bret Johnson, 30, Junior of Port Huron, said “The haunted house is cool, but now it’s out of season and people get embarrassed by going to it. They aren’t ‘cool’ enough to be seen standing out from the crowd. And the advertising wasn’t very good either; I didn’t know it was going on until I walked into the cafeteria.”
Brian Heidt, Treasurer of Student Government felt good about this year’s Stress Breaker; “Based on past Stress Breakers, I think we did good. Prior to Halloween would have been better, but that’s the date we had.”