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Downtown Delights

Photo Credit: Shelby Castillo
Photo Credit: Shelby Castillo

5 local restaurants your taste buds should explore
Lily Petit
Staff Writer

Like many SC4 students, I grew up in the Port Huron area and have watched the downtown area spark itself into a fine area for food. However, many students are not from around good ole’ PoHo and may not know where to go for a bite or a caffeine pick me up between classes. While there are other restaurants and cafes downtown that are notable, here are my five favorites and why.
1. Kate’s Downtown
Kate is not just part of the name, she is the epicenter of the welcoming feeling you receive when you walk in the door. Owner Kate Voss opened her doors within the past few years and has found much success in the area.
The exposed brick, fresh flowers on every table, and monthly changing cycle of art displayed from local artists, provides the backdrop for the locally provided produce and organic food; sandwiches, soups, and salads. Kate’s got it all with a smile to boot.
My favorites: The Huron Ave and honey soy milk.
Located at: 231 Huron Ave
2. The Raven Café
The longest standing restaurant I will mention in this list. As my brother Anthony Petit, 19, once put it, “the Raven is the master of atmosphere.” Book lined shelves and cozy couches allow a perfect space for studying and a snack.
Live music is performed Thurs. through Sat. night starting at 7:30p.m., while classic films are shown Wednesdays at 7:30p.m. Recently under new management, Sadaat Hossain added an extra kick of spice and a few new items to the revamped menu.
My favorites: Spinach artichoke dip and mint tea.
Located at: 932 Military St
3. Chef Shell’s
Without a main street entrance, Shell’s is truly a hidden pleasure. Chef Shell’s is a catering company run by a husband and wife team, Mark and Michelle Wrubel. The restaurant opened in 2013.
They manufacture their crowd pleasing “Roadkill Roy’s BBQ Sauce” and were voted Best in the Blue for their donuts. Chef Shell’s is visible from half of the buildings on campus when standing outside, if you know where to look for the donut in the rough that is.
My favorite: Apple Fritter
Located at: 324 Superior Mall
4. Fuel Woodfire Grill
Continuing the barbeque trend, Fuel Woodfire Grill offers excellent barbeque and beer for a relaxed evening and a full stomach. If you’re looking for a hearty, meaty meal look no further than Fuel. Ribs and cornbread to die for. It’s as simple as that.
My favorite: Bacon wrapped shrimp
Located at: 213 Huron Ave
5. Freighters
Replacing the old Thomas Edison Inn is the Freighters restaurant, attached to the Double Tree Hotel.
If your night class stretches past dinner, and if by the end of class your stomach is talking as much as your professor lectured, why not invite some classmates out to Freighters with you for half off appetizers?
Half off appetizers start at 9 p.m. on Weekdays and 10 p.m. on Weekends. Be sure to get a seat near the window to see the Blue Water Bridge lit up at night. After gazing out the window while enjoying the locally sourced menu, you may even be tempted out onto the boardwalk for an after appetizer stroll. Who knows, maybe that’s just what you need to clear your mind of the stress of school.
My favorite: Fried pickles
Located at: 800 Harker St
Sometimes all I need is a change of scenery, a quick snack, and some friendly service to change my outlook on the stack of homework I’ve acquired during the week. These five restaurants have kept me sane as I creep closer to graduation.
Maybe I just romanticize food, but if anyone’s interested in joining me for infatuating food, I’ll give you five guesses where you’ll find me.