Wolverine Market set to host 2nd Annual Oktoberfest

Changing of the seasons brings in a ‘Beer Festival’
Nick “Chico” Hernandez
Managing Editor

On Friday, Sept. 27, Wolverine Market will be holding an Oktoberfest event for every beer lover, and adult of legal age.
The ‘Beer Festival’ begins at 2 p.m., ends at 8 p.m., and is $35 if you pay in advance or $40 at the door; as explained by Wolverine Market’s website, wolverinemarketporthuron.com.
Oktoberfest’s location is Kiefer Park, next to the Municipal Office Center.
The $35/$40 buys you 15 tokens to sample the Michigan brewed beers that will be everywhere during the ‘Beer Festival’. Extra tokens will be 50 cents a pop.
To reserve tickets now, drop in at Wolverine Market on Huron Ave. or call 810-982-0966.

Photo provided with permission by Wolverine Market.
Photo provided with permission by Wolverine Market.

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